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Practice Growth Agency is a leading business, marketing and training agency within the healthcare sector. Stop fretting over attracting new patients or growing revenue from existing ones, we’ll do it for you using some of the proven services we provide including in-practice training, e-newsletterssocial media updatesSEO, PPC/social media advertising, videos and patient recruitment plans. Or have a monthly growth plan featuring a selection of these services. Don’t leave growing your practice to a team member who struggles with it; call in the experts who guarantee results. We ensure an exceptional and demonstrable return on investment by setting up procedures to prove the revenue growth within your practice. Click here to start growing or call 020 8123 3541.

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What clients say about us....

  • Business

    Do you communicate with your team members and explained the plan to drive your business forward? Do you have a balanced business scorecard? What about KPI’s (key performance indicators). You’re probably already using patient management software so most of these figures are at your fingertips. Be sure to use and analyse them. Your business can grow…

  • Marketing

    The days of traditional marketing and doing what you’ve always done are gone. Other practices in your area are marketing savvy, as are your patients. You need integrated digital campaigns to start attracting new patients and increasing revenue from existing ones.

  • Training

    None of the plans outlined in the business and marketing sections can work without a well-trained and engaged team. Practice growth is only possible when you share a vision to a workforce who know how to help deliver it.

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