The First Friday Club

Join us once a month for an innovative business mentoring and advice session!

  • What is the First Friday Club?

    The First Friday Club is an innovative concept from Practice Growth Agency which aims to empower dental practice owners and managers to run more efficient, successful and profitable businesses. There is a strict limit of 10 members so early booking is essential. The club takes place, as the name might suggest, on the first Friday of each month at the Practice Growth Agency office in central Woking, Surrey. Mentoring and coaching the group are dental industry business guru Kevin Coyle and digital marketing expert Susan Yeates. They will also be joined each month by a guest speaker who will deliver a presentation on their area of dental expertise (e.g. CQC compliance, employment law, financial planning). The format of each meeting is as follows;

    10.00 – 11.00            A dental business workshop on that month’s topic
    11.00 – 12.00            Group discussion and coaching session
    12.00 – 12.15            Coffee break
    12.15 – 13.00            Guest dental expert training session

    The first event will take place on Friday 4th November 2016.

How to Join?

Membership of the First Friday Club is only available for Dental Practice Owners and Managers. We have a maximum limit of 10 members at any one time to ensure that each member gets the full benefits of the mentoring and coaching in the group. Membership is ongoing for a minimum of 12 months at £99 per month. Please complete the form below to request membership (if the club is full we will add you to a waiting list). Memberships are currently available.