Digital Marketing Campaigns

Unique digital marketing campaigns

  • Why a Digital Marketing Campaign?

    To get the most of your digital marketing (which can include e-newsletters, your website, paid advertising, blogging and social media), it is essential to have a few regular targeted campaigns that really support what you want to be promoting to patients. Whether you need to fill chair time, get new patients, book more appointments with your hygienist, or boost that one service that doesn’t quite sell as much as you think it should then we can create a campaign that matches.

  • What Does this Include?

    This service is a targeted original campaign that is launched across all of your digital platforms, to bring you income and support your goals. We create the overall concept, write the text, select an appropriate image and then launch the campaign over the period of a month across all of the platforms that you use.

Use the power of a comprehensive all-platforms campaign to market your practice to your patients.

Pricing and Further Information

£199 per campaignfor creation and management of a digital marketing campaign

Contact Us For More Information

Contact Practice Growth Agency today for a free consultation regarding your social media channels (Facebook and Twitter). Other social channels can be managed on request. This service is available as a standalone service or as part of one of our more comprehensive practice growth packages.

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